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Achieving Goals

Establishing Goals Allows Progress to be Measured
      It may seem to be easier to go through life without setting any goals. Many people struggle and procrastinate about the idea of setting goals for themselves. These individuals also tend to resent others who attempt to suggest it is a character flaw to not be able to define and outline the purpose they are destine to fill in life. For other individuals part of the struggle is to figure out who they are that complicates the problem of setting goals.

      Like new years resolutions, a list of goals is just a departure point that must be combine with a firm decision to stick to them. Unless you pledge firmly to not forget about them and stay the course until you actually achieve them.

      The people who have goals seem to be consistently the "go to people" who make an impact on others. They establish goals and don't lose sight of their goals until they have achieved them.

Steps to help reach your goals -
     There are 5 steps that can help anyone reach any goal:

  • Have a burning desire: In order to reach any goal you want you must first develop a burning desire. Discovering what your burning desire is becomes the first step towards striving to reach any goal you desire.
  • Acquire knowledge and missing skills: The next step to achieve any goal is to find out the missing skills that you need in order to reach that goal and then acquire the skills. 
  • Adjust your beliefs: A very important step in achieving any goal is to adjust your beliefs surrounding what represents success. It is necessary to understand that success doesn't happen overnight and that multiple tries may be necessary as part of the process required to succeed. Persistence and Patience are two very important traits for achieving any goal you want to aspire to.
  • Modify your actions: The next to last and extremely important step, is to modify, adjust, or revise your methods after an unsuccessful attempt. Try to avoid using the term "failing". Each time you experience negative feedback, use this as an opportunity adjust your actions to fix what didn't go well and try once again. Don't expect on achieving you goal on the first attempt. Successful people keep trying until something works. However, following the same game plan that just had negative results insures that you keep repeating the same old mistakes. That's why adjusting your actions is crucial for reaching your goals.
  • Know what failure is and learn how to get past it: Since success is all about trial and error the final step to be able to reach any goal you want involves learning how to accept failure and how to keep going even if you are facing numerous rejections. Some people who have the potential to succeed, never manage to do it because they stop trying after few failures.

Recommended Reading:

  • Aligning Your Goals and Actions  A step-by-step process that may assist you and others in more consistently taking actions to support the manifestation of your goals.
  • 8 Strategies for Achieving SMART Goals   Setting goals is easy but achieving them is not. SMART goals specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely is the first step in making your goal a reality.



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