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This site is dedicated to providing reliable information on how to succeed in the pursuit of competitive and recreational winter sports.

The goal of the site is to share information, acquired from more experienced and knowledge- able skaters, parents, coaches, and official judges, with families of new athletes interested in acquiring skills in:

Curling Ice Hockey Speed Skating Figure Skating
Every beginning skater undertakes a journey that may take different paths to develop their skills. There are many bumps and sometimes interruptions along the way of earning a gold medal in any of the figure skating disciplines.

Passing tests and entering competitions add to the challenges and rewards associated with the sport.  Training often produces frustrating situations that must be confronted in order to enhance skill development. It is the way an athlete responds to the challenges that makes them "outstanding" in the sport of figure skating.

The process of becoming a figure skating provides each individual with practical lessons on how to manage their time, prioritize objectives, deal with frustrations, budget limited resources, and focus positively on attaining achievable goals.

Figure skaters acquire essential self confidence, leadership, and communication skills by participating in the training process required to test and enter United States Figure Skating open and qualifying competitions. These skills have positive transference into many non-skating endeavors such as:

Admission to colleges and universities Public speaking Job interviews Political skills
Pursuing career opportunities Leadership skills Pubic service Social skills
Management skills Marriage skills Parenting skills

        There are many different paths people may take to pursue their personal objectives in competitive and recreational ice sports. Hopefully each individual will find the experience positive and their progress not impeded by decisions that would be made with the opportunity avoid wasted time, energy, and emotional investment if only they had been able to ask the right questions and receive objective advice.

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